\ubc14\uce74\ub77c \uc0ac\uc774\ud2b8\uc628\ub77c\uc778 \ubc14\uce74\ub77c (@blacksun7771) | Twitterno the song is about him killing her

Why did eminem write Kim?
Eminem wrote the song kim because kim mathers his wife eminem caught kim cheating on him so he got so angry and and killed and puts her in the trunk in the end of the song.

What are some songs with the name Kim in it?
"Song for Kim" by Concrete Blonde "Kim" by Eminem

Why does Halie Eminem's daughter say 'help mommy her wrists are bleeding' in the song When Your Gonenhhh?
Kim, Eminem's wife, attempted suicide (By Slashing her wrists) after hearing Eminem song "Kim". The song "Kim", was written after Eminem and Kim's divorce in the late 90s, and is more or less Eminem describing his hatred over Kim.

Does eminem live with kim does he love her are they going to get back together please tell you?
No Way! Eminem Has absolutly0 care for Kim and I dont know where he lives but it's not with Kim

Where are the lyrics of the song Kim by Eminem?
The lyrics for the Eminem song 'Kim' can be found on a number of websites. They are available to read on sites such as 'AZ Lyrics', 우리카지노사이트 'Lyrics Freak', 'Sing 365' and 'Metro Lyric

r />When was Crazy in Love - Eminem song - created?
r />Crazy in Love - Eminem song - was created in 20

r />What is the meaning of the Eminem song Kim?
r />He wrote the song when he was mad at her for cheating on him. It's his way of venti

r />Why did eminem divorce Kim?
r />Eminem/Mashell divorced Kim because Kim was cheating and lying to Eminem/Mashe

r />Who did Eminem spoof in his song just lose it?
r />Michael Jackson and kim kardash

r />What is the name of the song Eminem did about his wife?
r />"Kim" this song was released in his 3rd album the marshall mathers

r />What was the song Eminem wrote about his wife?
r />i know 1 its called ''kim'' where he murders kim Scott his wife but he never murdered

r />Who is Mariah Careys song obsessed about?
r />Eminem. Cuz eminem is like... in love with he

r />Who is that song crazy in love by Eminem about?
r />the song is about Mariah ca

r />Does Eminem really hate kim?
r />No. Kim cheated on Eminem, so he got mad and he want her to die. But Kim and Eminem got a divor

r />Did Eminem kill his divorced wife Kim?
r />No, she's alive. He was angry when he wrote that in a song. He wouldn't want to take the girls mom away from them. The song that was wrote in was Kim. Eminem quoted "sometimes I just really felt like doin' that shit". It was not reali

r />How does a titer test work?
r />You have to listen to the song "kim" by Eminem. It'll blow your brain out your a$$ serious

r />What love is kind?
r />havent you ever heard that eminem song 'no lo

r />Did Eminem divorced Kim or Kim divorced Eminem?
r />It is kim who asked for the divorce during their first marriage,in 2001,but it is eminem who asked for it during their second marriage,in 20

r />What is the song no love by Eminem about?
r />basically tha song "no love" by eminem is about how tha people that made fun of him/pushed up around get no love, he is fed up with it and doesn't need them and doesn't need to deal with

r />Why did Eminem write the song 'Kim'?
r />Because he thought she was cheating on him. So he was angry and he committed a form of domestic violence.But he was just venting out his ang

r />Why did eminem go back with kim two times?
r />Because there was still love there but they can't get alo

r />Why did eminem have babies with kim?
r />Believe it or not, they used to love each other. But their daughter hailie was an accide

r />Did Eminem get sued for kim song?
r />No He did not get sued for the song "Kim" but he got sued for my "My Name Is" by his mom for $10,000,00 but she lost and Eminem only had to pay her $25,000 and also from the song "Brain Damage" both off of his "The Slim Shady LP" and was sued for $1,000,000 but the man whew sued him Deangelo Bailey lost and got noth

r />When did Eminem adopt Whitney?
r />Eminem was going to adopt Whitney in 2006 but ever since his divorce with kim. kim never aproved it. Pretty sad that kim cheated on emin

r />Who does Eminem sing about in We Made You song?
r />Jessica Alba, Amy Whinhouse, 예스카지노주소 Sara Palin, Kim K

When did the song Kim come out by Eminem
2000 i don't know the spesific date but i know that's

What is the song called from eminem with him beating his
It's called "Kim" but he might have more

Is Eminem hat
This is opinional. But some consider Eminem to be hateful. Eminem's song "Kim" was extremely hateful towards his ex-wife Kim. Eminem has been considered to be homophobic and therefore "hateful" towards gays. Eminem denied the claims saying the lyrics were mis-interpretted. Eminem has been hateful as to say towards other rappers in feuds, such as Ja Rule and

Did Justin Bieber do a song with Em
If Justin Bieber did a song with Eminem, I would love to listen to it because they are my favorite singers. But, 더킹카지노 so far, on his albums, he hasn't recorded a song with him. Usher did. EMINEM WILL NEVER DO A SONG WITH JUSTIN BIE

What happen to Eminem girlfr

eminem marryed her they had a baby halie but eminem and kim got a divorce... im not sure but eminem might have tried to kill her.... but i dont kno i lik

What is the name of the song Beyonce and Eminem s
It's Rhianna and eminem. its called "Love the

Why did Eminem get

In the song, "Mockingbird", he makes reference to the fact that Kim had a drug addiction and was getting in to trouble, and he was always gone from home and Kim did

Did Eminem

No, he did n

Is Eminem's song kim

No Eminem often says things in his songs that aren't entirely true. He didn't do any crazy things to Kim. He wrote that song because he was ang

Why did eminem write the s

"Puke" from Eminem's 2004 fifth album Encore was one of the three songs on the album written about Eminem's relationship with then ex-wife, Kim. The other two songs are "Love You More" and "Cra

What is the Eminem song that says My mother had a satan's spon?
evil deeds..i lo

Who sings no

If you are talking about the song I'm thinking of, then it

What is the song no love ab
The song " no love" by eminem is about a kid whos family abuses him and give him 'no love' so i guess that's where the name

Did eminem shoot someone when he caught his wife

No. He wrote a song called "Kim" that was about him killing his wife for chea

When did Eminem and Kim brea

They began their on-and-off relationship in 1989, getting married by 1999, then divorced in 2001, after Eminem wrote a song about wanting to murder her. Then, they remarried (for some reason) in January 2006, but divorced again in December 2006. However, Kim and Eminem agreed to share custody of the

What is the song Love the way you lie by Emin

It's about women lying and how certain people like em

When eminem g

eminem did not graduate. he dropped out of highschool to

When Eminem m

eminem marry

Most roman

love the way you lie - eminem

Who was Eminem cheating

Eminem, In his nearly 20 year love- hate relationship with Kim Mathers(she kept the name) cheating with numerous different people. Kim claimed " i can't even count on both hands how many times he's cheated." HOWEVER Kim had multiple Infidelity's when married

What is the real clip of eminem-kim

they dont have a official clip of it they have pic of diffrent videos

Who was space bound writt

Eminem is awesome very awesome space bound is a pretty good song and my g

What is the song with eminem and Lil W

Drop the World Forever No Love Those songs all have Eminem an

Does Eminem have a child nam

Yes he does. She is Kim his ex wife's twins kid. Eminem and Kim adopted her when she

Who produced the song

The artist who wrote, composed, and sung the song, No Love, is an American rapper named Eminem. The song, No Love, also includes vocals from the artist

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