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As a Bellevue child injury attorney, I am aware that serious injuries to children present unique damage that is completely different from other personal injury cases. One example of how both the forms of cases are very different is the fact that in child injury cases, the parent or guardian must file an insurance claim on the part of a child. Serious injuries to children have life-long effects on the child and family including medical bills and added stress. The attorney who represents a child as well as their family should be ready to walk out their strategy to make legal process straightforward to alleviate the stress associated with a child injury, and has to be aware of the near future costs that an accident involving a young child can incur.

The aim of this type of law would be to protect every one's interests in fact it is part of civil law. It provides victims using the to certainly claim for damages in the parties who will be responsible for the negligence that brought about the injuries. Under this ruling one can receive liability claims charges in the event the reason behind suffering and pain is definitely an action which a negligent party accounts for.

For children ages 2 to 14 the top source of injury death is auto accidents, with 250,000 injured children each year as outlined by research created by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis. In some cases, it is extremely tough to protect a youngster from any sort of accident caused by a negligent driver. Proper use and installment of a child safety restraint has saved numerous children?s lives. An estimated 5,399 lives were saved by way of child restraints between 1975 and 2002, and an estimated 425 lives of kids under the age of five were saved by car and booster seat used in 2005. In order to be effective, these restraints should be installed properly and used each and every time a child influences car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did research through which they inspected 3,500 child safety restraints. 72% of such restraints were installed or used incorrectly. The risk of death in a car accident is lowered by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4 by correctly installing and utilizing a youngster safety restraint. You can effectively lessen the injury risk that kids incur automobile accidents by correctly installing a safety restraint like a seatbelt or safety seat and taking advantage of it every time your kids rides in the vehicle.

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1. Depth of Knowledge on the Subject Matter: Laws pertaining to personal injury cases cover a lot of topics. It is important for this attorney to own enough know-how about just about every area which falls under compensation for injuries law. Some of the regions of specializations are car accident laws, product liability laws, and premise liability laws.

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